Xtreme Fitness GYM is COMING TUESDAY!!

Here is the information you need about the new gym coming to Monclova!!

1. Classes will be Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. If others are interested in a Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM he will add that too. 

2. Classes are $50 per 6 weeks!!! HOLY SMOKES people that is a GREAT price!! You work out twice a week for 6 weeks and only pay $50!!

3. They are boot camp classes that he will customize to your specific ability level. You don’t need to be afraid that you can’t do what everyone else can. Everyone is working at their own level.

4. He will be hosting a Meet and Greet this Saturday at 1 PM. He will be available for you to ask questions, sign up, and find out more about what he is willing to offer here in Monclova.  His gym is located in the East Wing of the building, bottom floor, to the left.

5. If you are unable to attend his Meet and Greet please call him at 419-320-1155 to get signed up.

Let’s show Jeff what I said is true. There is a NEED for a great place to work out in the Monclova area!  This is going to be awesome folks.  AWESOME!!! http://www.homebodyfitness4u.com/Default.aspx