Angel Tree – All angels have been taken – THANK YOU!

UPDATE 11-30-2020: All ANGELS have been taken. 🙂 Thank you to everyone that helped.

Can you help? MONCLOVA ANGEL TREE! ❤️👼🎄❤️ Monclova Primary School is partnering again with the Monclova Community Center (8115 Monclova Road) to offer our community a Holiday Angel Tree. The is decorated with angels listing items for local families in need during the Holiday Season. The Angel Tree will be ready to go on Monday, November 23. When entering through the front door, the tree is located up the stairs and to the right. Please stop by the Community Center if you are interested in participating in the Angel Tree. The office is open Monday – Thursday from 9am – 4pm. The front door at the Community Center is usually also open during the weekday evenings, as the Community Center often hosts many events and the Angel Tree will be accessible during these times. In addition, there are also many weekend events, so the building is often open during the weekend, as well. If you are interested in picking up an angel over the weekend or in the evening, please call the Community Center during normal office hours at (419) 861 – 1336 to determine whether or not the building will be open. If you see cars in the parking lot, the front door is most likely open, as an event is occurring in the building. If you have any questions regarding the Holiday Angel Tree, please call the Monclova Community Center or contact the Monclova Primary School at (419) 865 – 9408. We thank you for your assistance in helping to make the upcoming Holiday Season a memorable experience for our students and families! 👼 *NOTE: Angel gifts are due back Wednesday, December 9th (wrapped and tagged).

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