All ages painting class

Let’s make something beautiful!


During this class, we will learn the very basics of painting. I have been making and selling handmade goods such as paintings and jewelry for the past 6 years and it’s a wonderful creative outlet for kids and adults of all ages! Different kids need different things, that’s why I will do my best to work one on one with each student to give them the personalized approach to learning this amazing skill, no matter their age or experience level.

We will also work together as a group to gather different perspectives, techniques and get to know one another better.

I’ve found that painting can be especially helpful for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as kids with ADHD, ADD, and other learning challenges. Painting provides a calm, tactile method of creating art that can be incredibly therapeutic. If your child struggles to be in a group setting or needs other accommodations please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate whatever they need. I also offer private sessions for kids whom it would be more beneficial.

This class would suit children ages 5-10 the best but all ages are welcome. I’m so excited to meet you!!

To attend or for more details call or text Jolie at 419-392-6807 or email at

  • Please wear clothes that are okay to get messy with paint, glue, etc..(I have a small number of aprons available).

  • Anyone with long hair please come with it pulled back and out of your face so that paint doesn’t get stuck in your hair.

  • All supplies will be provided at the time of class but please feel free to bring your own supplies or past art pieces you’d like to share with the class!

  • I have a medical alert service dog in training named Leeloo, she may or may not attend some of our classes(always on leash), she is friendly, task trained, and protected under the ADA. She loves to meet everybody! (she is a husky and still learning, she loves to talk and howl when she’s excited. She may sniff you, boop you with her nose, or hand you her paw to say hello at the beginning of class).

  • Class is $25 per child /per class or $60 per child /per month. I accept cash, check, PayPal and Venmo. Due at the time of class, unless paying for multiple classes in advance.

  • Private sessions are 1 hr-$40 or 2 hrs-$60. Please contact me to schedule

  • Parents are welcome to stick around during class or drop off/pick up. There will always be two adults in each class.

  • I would politely ask everyone who is unvaccinated to wear a mask. Thank you:)

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