Metzger Room

*Spacing tables according to the COVID 19 regulations has now made the Metzger room capacity 24  – 6 round 45″ tables (for seating) & 2 long 8′ tables (for food & gifts).

This room will accommodate up to 44 guests.  Tables and chairs are already set up.  A refrigerator and small sink make it easy to serve guests.  In addition, this room has direct access to a shared outdoor seasonal patio deck area.

The rental period is for 12 hours (10A-10P).

Room clean-up is required to get security deposit back.

Table sizes are as follows: 

  • 7 round are 45″
  • 2 round are 60″
  • 1 long is 6′
  • 2 long are 8′





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