EMERGENCIES – an after-hours contact number is available for emergencies ONLY and varies week to week. The current week’s number is located on the outside front door AND on the office door. There is an additional emergency number available by calling the office phone and listening to the message. The office number is 419-861-1336.

PUBLIC WIFIOur WIFI is mostly reliable but at times it can be spotty.  We recommend bringing/using a HOT SPOT in the case that it does not work.  We are not able to reset the router or WIFI services on a weekend or when the office is closed.  The WIFI is listed under “MonclovaCC Guest” and there is NO password.

ELEVATORThere is an elevator located to the west side of the building. The ramp that takes you to the elevator lobby is located by the upper patio. You will see a ramped sidewalk with a black, iron railing leading to a door. Once you open the door, you’ll see the elevator. Take it to the 2nd floor to access all room rentals.

THERMOSTATSThere are thermostats in each rental space. You may adjust the temperature in the room as needed for your event. Please return the thermostat back to 70 degrees before you leave the building.

PATIO DECKis shared common area for the Banquet Hall and Metzger room guests in warm weather.  Please do not leave the patio doors open in the Metzger room or the back hallway.  We do not want to heat/air the outside, and insects enter the building.

CABLE – a hook-up is only located in the Banquet Hall under the thermostat (closest to elevator) on floor.

TO DIRECT GUESTS – you may use the small chalkboard on the tall doors in the main, front hall to direct your guests to the Metzger room or Ottawa room. A sign can be placed on the fireplace mantel for the Banquet Hall

FOG MACHINES – Please no smoke or fog machines allowed in the building.  They cause our smoke alarms to go off and the fire dept. is alerted.

LOADING/UNLOADING – Do not prop doors open at the front entrance to load & unload, especially on extremely warm or cold days.

HALLWAYS,  ENTRANCES, STAIRS – These are shared spaces.  Please do not decorate these spaces for your event, as other parties may be coming your day (per your contract).  The only exception is the back hallway by the fireplace.  If you are renting the Banquet Hall you may decorate this area.  Note that other people/parties may have to cut through this space if the elevator is needed.  Do not block this hallway…keep open for handicap access.

PATIO & PATIO OUTSIDE STAIRS – During the winter months, please avoid using the patio or the outside stairs that are connected to the patio.  These spaces are NOT SALTED.

SMOKING – IS ONLY PROHIBITED on the outside PATIO.  Do not smoke by entrances or on the property. Do not open patio doors when smoking.

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